Mina Risk Children’s Education Project has been successfully implemented in Luhansk region with support of the US Embassy in Ukraine

The children have been being informed about the dangerous consequences of the war and land mines in the twenty three schools of Luhansk Oblast, located near the demarcation line during the period of September to December 2018. Planning and implementation of this important project for Ukraine became possible thanks to the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

It should be noted that the Joint Forces Operation Command, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Luhansk Oblast State Administration have also made a great contribution to the achievement of these educational goals. The dedicated experts of the League of Officers, NGO organized the specified educational events.

In general, more than 2000 students of Stanichno-Luhansk region have been involved in this program. In addition, it is noteworthy that 80 teachers who attended classes with their students are now aware of interactive methods of informing children about the mine danger.

The administration of schools and teachers, as well as the parents of children who have attended these courses, say that such events and measures are extremely necessary. Indeed, this helps the inhabitants of nearby front-line districts to know more about the rules of conduct with the dangerous remnants of war, which to a certain extent minimizes the threat to their lives and health. In addition, the project has convincingly demonstrated to the population of Luhansk region the strong support provided by the United States of America to our country in establishing peaceful life in regions affected by Russian armed aggression.

 Press Service of Public Organization “The League of Officers” (Ukraine)