Retraining of Servicemen

What is the social adaptation?

In general, social adaptation – the process of active human adaptation to the changing social environment through a variety of social instruments. One such tool is the retraining of discharged military personnel to civilian profession.

It which programs these courses are conducted?

Free training courses in Ukraine are held a number of international programs of assistance the social adaptation of retired servicemen. One of the implementing partner of these programs serves The League of officers.

Who is eligible for retraining?

The right to pass the retraining course have the military personnel  of the Ministry of Defense, employees of the Interior Affairs of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, who discharged from work for the last 5 years. In addition, training and military personnel can pass one year before dismissal, according to claim 5 Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families.”

Which documents I need for getting on retraining courses?

1. Extract from the plan of dismissal – for active military personnel.
2. For the retired servicemen – a copy of military ID card, or – an extract from the order of dismissal, or – a copy of the certificate of veteran of the Armed Forces.
3. Application to the head of the organization.

How long does the retraining course goes, and who teaches classes?

The courses of retraining conducts teaching staff of universities. Retraining course calculated on 350-500 hours of study for 3 – 4 months.

When are the retraining courses?

Retraining courses are held twice a year, as far as group is complete. An approximate starting date – in March and in September.

Whom should I contact for getting on retraining courses?

To register for retraining courses in the League of officers is necessary fill in an application in “retraining” on our website, or make a phone call that  published at the site.

Could the family members of servicemen be retrained?

In addition to serviceman, his family members: spouse (husband) and children of 18 years and older can also go through retraining courses.

Which document confirms the end of retraining courses?

At the end of retraining courses students pass examinations and they are awarded by certificates, diplomas.

What specialties we are offering?
  1. Agent of tourism management;
  2. Information Management;
  3. Manager of sea passenger transportation;
  4. Information technologies in business;
  5. Boat master of motor boats and ships, yacht captain;
  6. The Security Manager commercial activities;
  7. The customs declarant;
  8. Condominiums managing;
  9. Computer Design;
  10. Human Resources Manager;
  11. Personnel Manager small Business Economics;
  12. English language.
Who can get detailed information about the training courses?

Learn more about the training courses and register for them you can on the site of the League of Officers, or by telephone.

What are the benefits of re-training?

Experience of the League of officers in various programs of the social adaptation shows that the vast majority of retired servicemen that have been retrained, more successfully pass process of social adaptation – they are willing to take on the job, learn new skills, make a career, create their own business.