Psychological rehabilitation

The League of Officer’s Psychological Service consists of 28 professional psychologists able to work all over Ukraine. Since the beginning of military aggression on the territory of Ukraine (April 2014), the Psychological Service’s specialists have been involved in providing psychological assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine. Our psychologists have conducted psychological rehabilitation and psychological support trainings to military servicepersons in mobilization training centers and military units of the Armed Forces and the National Guard. Currently, during some demobilization, our experts are involved in psychological rehabilitation of discharged participants in the anti-terrorism operation (ATO) and their family members.

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From November 2014 to February 2015, our teams of psychologists were working in the NATO project on psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants and have achieved successful and highly appreciated results. As a result, the League of Officers conducted 14 psychological rehabilitation trainings in Cherkaske, Hvardiyske, Kharkiv, Chuhuyiv, Bashkyrivka, Honcharivske, Desna, Starychi, Holovenka, Chabanka, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Dnipropetrovsk, Petrivtsi and trained 556 military servicemen and officers of the Armed Forces and the National Guard on psychological rehabilitation.

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For the last one and a half year, on a voluntary basis and supported by international donors,  the League of Officers’ teams of psychologists worked in military units of the Armed Forces and National Guard in 14 regions. Almost 6,000 military servicemen and officers participated in psychological rehabilitation activities conducted by the League of Officers. The command of the Armed Forces and National Guard have highly appreciated our contribution to saving the combat capability of ATO members and their psychological state, which is supported by many thanksgiving letters and certificates as well as requests for future work. The highest number of requests, which we have received, is for psychological rehabilitation of participants in the ATO.

It should be noted that psychologists of the League of Officers constantly increase their qualification through participation in trainings conducted by national and foreign experts on psychological work with combatants, through conducting active methodical and scientific activities and participating in various trainings and scientific conferences. In particular, the majority of psychologists of the League of Officers have participated in a seminar “On Psychological Resilience and Rehabilitation of Servicemen in the Army of France, Decompression Program” conducted with support of NATO on June 2, 2015 and in the training of trainers “Psychological Rehabilitation of Military Personnel” conducted by the OSCE on 29-31 July 2015. Our psychologists have also conducted about 10 master classes and trainings for other military psychologists of various security forces and civilian psychologists all over Ukraine.

During 4-5 June 2015, the League of Officers together with the National Guard of Ukraine held a special international meeting on sharing psychological rehabilitation experience with psychologists of all security forces of Ukraine and psychologists from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonian, which was attended by 120 experts.
Therefore, given all the experience and activities in psychological assistance to combatants as well as the need for immediate psychological rehabilitation and prevention of PTSD in the post-war period, our teams of trainers and psychologists as well as the management of the League Officers, stand ready to work. We are convinced that the need for psychological rehabilitation of demobilized ATO participants, who are starting to release from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, will increase rapidly and vastly.

Work`s go on…