The history of the League of Officers


League of officers (LO) – a public organization created by a group of reserve officers in February 2001.

Без имени-2The idea of creating the organization, its structure and future direction of the activities based on the prospects of development of the process of reforming the Armed Forces of Ukraine and were aimed at assisting in the retraining and outplacement servicemen and their families. At the time of the League of officers it was no eny public organization with such statutory tasks.

The practical work of the League began with the creation of its own training facilities: in 2002 the League of Officers classroom started to working, staffed with 5 computers, where dismissed servicemen and their families learned how to work with the most common applications, it has a positive impact on their future employment. The efforts of the League of officers of assistance in the retraining of retired servicemen supported the International Fund “Renaissance” and the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, they  equipped League classroom additional 10 computers. Later, the initiative of the League of Officers at public support for the process of social adaptation were supported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, that provide the necessary methodological and technical assistance to improve the adaptation of retired servicemen. In 2005, the League of of officers becomes a participant of international projects, in which over 10 years were retrained more than 3,000 retired servicemen and their families. League of officers are constantly expanding the geography of their activities. As an implementing partner of international programs it involved questions of social adaptation of discharged servicemen not only in Kiev but also in Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions, where has its own representatives. The League of officers activities is not limited in retraining of discharged military personnel. Legal service works as a volunteer in The League of Officers,  psychosocial rehabilitation service and employment service. League of officers Supports Active relations with enterprises and organizations, the Center for Employment. Today, more than 200 companies use the services of personnel department of the League of Officers, which promotes in employment to more than 3000 discharged military personnel and their families.

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League of officers has been prepared and issued 4 manuals for retired servicemen, that contains practical advice and guidance on different aspects of social adaptation, including employment.

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League of officers has a certified training center, which includes: a computer class with 25 training places and training class of boatmasters of motor boats and ships. In addition to a stationary equipped classroom, the League officers has a mobile classroom (15 laptops) for training by international programs in distant garrisons.

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In 2011, the League became a member of the IDEA (Information Dissemination and Equal Access) project, that opens additional opportunities for retraining discharged servicemen and their families.

Under this program, in two years more than 2,000 dismissed servicemen were trained in of the League of officers from different courses of computer literacy program and received certificates Microsoft® Unlimited Potential.